The Wherehouse

Newburgh, NY

A husband and wife dream-team, an Americana chef and a beer-industry expert, invested their retirement savings to open a restaurant that will eclipse their love of food and music.

They took an abandoned storefront on Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY to provide comfort food and a music-lover’s haven. To help them achieve the old feel, River Architects searched local scrap yards, Newburgh Restore and antique shops to find relics and design inspiration. We also incorporated the chandeliers that the Clients had acqured from the historic Newburgh Hotel auction. The bar was cladded with copper top, old tin ceiling tiles, recreated building cornices and wood paneling. Glass-backed shelves displaying old bottles brought in natural light to what would have been a dark hallway.

River Architects worked closely with the Clients to layout 2-levels of kitchen that incorporated various types of storage, prep area, cleaning, washing, cooking, smoker, steaming table, cold station, and the serving counter with heat-lamps. An efficient flow of operation was incorporated into the overall architectural usage of the space. The 3 distinct seating areas provided a traditional restaurant layout, a cafe-like space with translucent overhead delivery door and a cozy, convertible lounge in the back that could host a private party and live music venue.

With more than 12 years in operation, their investment has become a pillar in the community.