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RA Studio

Cold Spring, NY

PHIUS Certified Passive House Project

River Architects purchased a modest building on Main Street in Cold Spring, NY to meet our growing needs. This timber-framed structure was formerly a real estate office, a hotdog stand, a candy shop, and a “Chinese” laundry. Our research however indicates that the structure was first a farrier shop- a blacksmith shop for shoeing horses, and dates to circa 1870.

Implementing our commitment to both historic preservation and combating Climate Change, we upgraded this historic structure to Passive House Standards- meeting net-positive performance with a super-insulated building envelope, air-tight structure, geothermal ground loop, solar tubes, PV solar panels, and battery backup.

Structural deficiencies in the foundation led to the lifting and reconstruction of the masonry base, utilizing stone from the original foundation and pointed with historically-appropriate white mortar. Reclaimed foam insulation thermally separates the stone base and the finished concrete floor from contact with the ground, keeping interior temperatures consistent with the rest of the space. Tall windows bring in light and views into the basement level, and a dramatic steel and timber staircase connect the two floors of workspace.

The updated exterior appearance, state-of-the-art energy performance and TapHome automated solar shading is balanced by the exposed timber framing at the interior, offset with white-stained wood creating a bright and textured interior.

Project completed construction in early 2017.