Proposal for NYSCA Grant

Idea for Urban Sanctuary New York, NY

In the spring of 2003, we proposed to New York Council on the Arts to study incidental spaces of New York City to give them new meaning. We proposed to develop ideas by which we would build on the existing layers of New York City’s urban context. Through these interventions, we hope to increase opportunities for people to gather, share ideas, and to develop a stronger sense of community and urban ecology.

One example is the in-habitation of the space created by two billboards hovering several hundred feet up in the sky. This void could become the perfect setting for a gathering space and urban sanctuary that generates its revenue through the building’s skin.

Another example is to create floating islands among the wooden pilings of demolished piers. These new islands and interspersed, submerged planters would create habitat for wildlife and green space for people. Through using the existing structures to support this mini-ecosystem, the hard edge of the waterfront would become more hospitable to all the species that ultimately depend on it.