Stamford RFQ #583

Mill River Park, Stamford, CT

This 9,000 square feet open-air ice rink and water fountain complex along with a park facility building was designed for the in-person interview attended by Mill River Collaborative the City of Stamford, Connecticut, and the project’s sponsor’s representative. Based on OLIN Partnership's 2007 Master Plan for the park, this complex will occupy the most prominent part of the 28-acre Mill River Park located at the lower reaches of the Rippowam River.

Out of the 14 entries that responded to the City of Stamford’s RFQ (Request for Qualifications) #583, River Architects along with their consultants won the judges’ unanimous vote as their first choice. The decision was based on the team strength, creativity, and effort.

The key team members include:

Arup, WET Design, Custom Ice, Altieri Sebor Wiebor, HLB Lighting, Matthews Nielson Landscape Architects, and Gardiner Theobald.