Melt Restaurant

Brooklyn, NY

Melt was a new addition to the growing Park Slope restaurant and bar scene back in 2005. We balanced the client’s wishes for a high-end establishment with the essential laid-back atmosphere that the neighborhood is known for. The result is a polished gathering spot, delivered under a tight budget, that raises the bar slightly for the neighborhood’s eateries.

We worked with Cenk Fikri, a renowned bar consultant, to plan a compact and efficient kitchen and bar arrangement that maximizes the constrained space and budget. Based on the client’s chosen color scheme, we proposed chocolate shelves that “melted” from one level to the next, and shifted from front to back with the angled wall. This ogee shape became the theme that transcribed into wall openings, light fixtures and tabletop design.

The location of the bar, kitchen and restaurant seating were placed to draw in pedestrians who walked down the street from the nearby subway station. The vibrant new white storefront windows and the gleaming white stone bar-top create a striking presence while still maintaining a sense of at-home ease.