Ramsey Passive House

Ramsey, NJ

PHI Certified Passive House Project

The Ramsey Passive House is a modern take on the classic American farmhouse. River Architects set fun, modern geometric volumes around the pure gabled roof. These playful forms provide various gathering spaces that are central to a family life as well as quiet contemplative spaces for work and creativity. The house represents the family’s core commitment to sustainable living: food is grown in their organic garden, meals are created and shared together, and lessons in social and environmental responsibility are a part of everyday living.

The Urban Build, an experienced Certified Passive House Consultant and Builder, went beyond creating an ultra-low-energy home by diligently reusing the materials from the old house and other sources to minimize the carbon footprint in creating this home.

The annual combined heating and cooling costs of this 4,000 SF home is calculated to be about $800. This level of performance and optimized comfort is possible only through the Passive House Standard for design and construction.

Projected to complete construction in fall of 2015.