Lisburne Lane

Garrison, NY

River Architects is currently leading the renovation of this 9,000 square foot estate on the escarpment of the former Sloan Estate, with sweeping views of the Hudson Valley and West Point Military Academy. The house is undergoing transformation from the original Carpenter Gothic to Greek Revival with adjoining Romantic gardens designed by Fletcher Steele.

The owner’s wish is to renovate the house in a Greek Revival style but with updated thermal performance and energy conservation of modern standards. Some awkward additions made by previous owners have been removed. An approach to define a clear relationship of the parts has been taken, creating a more compelling, unified whole.

The energy performance of the building is drastically improved by wrapping the entire masonry structure with 4 inches of rigid insulation and a continuous air barrier. High-performance triple-pane windows and appropriately sized geothermal wells are being installed. Ceilings, floors, and crawl spaces that were never insulated are now filled with high-performance insulation. An energy recovery ventilation system has been installed to optimize air quality.

The exterior of the home is now refinished with reclaimed, hand-fired brick from local brickworks- the brick mark indicates that they came from yards that once were in view from the porch. A two-story portico with masonry columns offers the grandeur expected of the design approach, and engages the sweeping views of the valley below, with a unifying frieze and window pediments. Zinc batten seam roofs add to the cohesive feeling of the house, and offer the durability of 100-year protection.