Kemble Avenue Residence

Cold Spring, NY

This home is for a retiring couple returning to the United States after working and living in Asia for over thirty years. Central to their goals for this home is the ability to enjoy the outdoors, to enjoy cooking and hosting large gatherings, and to accommodate their extended family of three generations while providing maximum privacy between the sleeping quarters.

The residence will be located on a steep, wooded site in Cold Spring, New York. It is designed to perch on a ledge created by a former carriage road. Considering that there are no historic buildings nearby and the site is removed from the densely built areas of the village, we propose a contemporary design that is rooted in the historic heritage of Cold Spring.

The main design inspirations come from strong topography of the site and the existing stone walls. The deteriorated southern stone wall that faces the street will be rebuilt and incorporated into the house. Other inspirations include simple lines of historic foundry workers’ housing and asymmetrical gable roof lines seen throughout the Village.

The village’s Historic District Review Board unanimously approved the project, citing the grounding of the design in context while being of today.

This home will be designed with Passive House principles in mind, producing a highly efficient envelope.

At the current electric rate, the combined heating and cooling costs for a full-time usage of the residence is projected to be about $800 per year. (Yes, only eight hundred dollars.)

Currently under construction.
Projected to be completed by fall of 2014.