Fusion Bar & Lounge

New York, NY

The client requested a design that was unpretentious, comfortable, warm, and sexy with retro-Cuban feel. Working with the limited budget, we used simple materials, bold colors, and dynamic lighting to create a rich atmosphere.

To emphasize the long and narrow space, we designed a bar that angled out of the wall and gradually led patrons into the cozy lounge in the back. To accommodate the narrow bar area and to relate to the mid-century Modern furniture, the padded vinyl bar front was designed to cushion the knees against the hard surface. For the retro-Cuban feel, a Cuban cigar lounge with rich palette was mimicked.

River Architects provided efficient layout with client-supplied equipment. A small, 30 SF warming kitchen was squeezed in between the bar and the back lounge. The outdoor garden provides a quiet, cheerful oasis in Hell’s Kitchen.

This modest bar became the neighborhood’s warm and inviting hang-out space.