Cold Spring Dock

Cold Spring, NY

Hudson Highlands Land Trust had approached the Village of Cold Spring with the offer to raise funds to replace the aging overhead lighting at the village’s Main Dock, at no cost to the village. The Land Trust is committed to the reduction of light pollution within the community- stray light from unshielded lamps that affects wildlife, migration of birds and fish, and obscures views to the nighttime skies.

The objectives of reducing light pollution, and the resultant increased electrical efficiency, improved aesthetics, and reduced maintenance costs were appreciated by the Village Board, and a public/private partnership was established. HHLT selected River Architects, who worked to identify dark-sky lighting technologies and approaches to meet the design criteria.

River Architects was also asked to design a new railing to improve public safety, and to accommodate the growing demand for vessel docking. The hot-dipped galvanized steel frames, stainless mesh, and the durable ipe wood railing caps are maintenance free. These finishes provide a nautical reference reminiscent of the deck rails of historic steam ships that once docked here.