Baker Residence

Garrison, NY

The current owners of the Walker-Sloan House, once part of the Samuel Sloan Estate, hired River Architects to assess moisture problems in the attic of their well-tended house. The ten-year-old slate roof had been failing, and ice dams were causing intermittent interior flooding. James generated a detailed report that uncovered improper slate and copper installation, as well as mechanical and insulation deficiencies. The corrective work included slate and copper replacement, the installation of snow guards, and additional climate control measures.

This work provided the owners with the opportunity to reconstruct the missing widow’s walk and to reposition entry steps to match historic photographs. Porch roofs were replaced with standing seam copper, and new copper gutters were directed into an extensive rain water harvesting system that provides irrigation for gardens.

James led a master planning effort that included a snow-melt system, septic system upgrades, retaining wall repairs, and planning for a swimming pool, while retaining historic trees and the comfortable feel of the property. James designed a new, 3-car carriage house and attached potting shed to fit naturally in the landscape, and to blend comfortably with the design aesthetic of the main house.

Completed: 2015
Builders: Thomas Jerome Inc. and Short Slate
Top 5 Photos by Brad Dickson